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Hello! I'm Melanie

I was inspired to become a Celebrant after being moved by my sister’s Humanist wedding, and my friend’s Humanist funeral. Both ceremonies were incredibly personal and unique, and left a lasting impression. I felt it would be a real honour to provide this kind of service.

Humanist ceremonies are highly meaningful as they’re so personalised, and they leave an impact on all who attend due to their focus on the celebration of life: the events which lead to two individuals choosing to join their lives together in marriage; the new lives being celebrated and welcomed into the world in naming ceremonies, and the important lives lived by loved ones who have passed, with the celebration of the lasting memories they leave behind.


I absolutely love my work! It means so much to be asked to share in these most special moments of life, and I really value working with people to create the perfect ceremony for them, whether for a happy celebration of life going forward or for a moving farewell as a life ends.  I know from personal experience how comforting it was to have a Humanist funeral for my incredible mum – it was a real celebration of her life and of who she was to each of us, and it is a privilege to be able to offer this honouring of a unique life for other families finding their way through bereavement.

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Melanie K. Leckie

Humanist Celebrant



Humanist Celebrant specialising in weddings, naming ceremonies, and funerals that celebrate love, life, and memories.

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Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new life is an incredibly cherished moment, and I am truly honoured to create unforgettable naming ceremonies that joyously celebrate the arrival of your precious child. Through personalised rituals and heartfelt moments, we can design a heartfelt ceremony that not only lovingly acknowledges and celebrates your child's beautiful name but also wholeheartedly embraces their unique individuality, cherished values, and the boundless love and heartfelt hopes you hold for their future.


As a dedicated humanist celebrant, I specialise in creating heartfelt and personalized wedding ceremonies that beautifully reflect each couple's unique love story and deeply held values. With a profound commitment to crafting inclusive and non-religious ceremonies that hold immense meaning and significance, I work closely with you to design a ceremony that captures the essence of your extraordinary bond and joyously celebrates your extraordinary journey of love, commitment, and togetherness.


During times of loss and grief, I provide compassionate support as a humanist celebrant to create meaningful and respectful funeral services. With sensitivity and care, I work closely with families to honour the life of their loved one, celebrating their unique journey and the profound impact they had on others. Together, we create a farewell ceremony that reflects their personality, values, and the cherished memories that will endure in the hearts of those they touched.


Client Reviews

Discover the heartfelt words of my clients and experience the joy and love that radiate from their testimonials.

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