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Humanist Naming Ceremonies

A humanist naming ceremony is a beautiful way of formally welcoming a child into the family and acknowledging their given name. It is a non-religious equivalent of such events as christenings and baptisms for those of faith.

Families enjoy the gathering together of all the family connections and loved ones important in the child’s life, as well as formally recognising and honouring key figures such as Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Guide-parents – the humanist take on the traditional Godparent role.

Naming ceremonies can be held for babies and children of any age. It is becoming popular to coincide the naming ceremony with a first birthday to make a combined celebration, or to signify the first birthday together with adopted parents at any age. Naming ceremonies are also held for adults choosing to change their names.

The ceremony itself can take place anywhere, for example, in your house, back garden, favourite park, place in nature, restaurant or other venue.

photo of a baby holding their parents hand

Naming Ceremony Ideas

Some elements that can be included in a Naming Ceremony are:

  • Poetry and prose

  • Parental Promises and Guideparent Promises to the child

  • Rituals and symbolic gestures, such as finger-painting, planting of a tree, balloon release

  • Communal singing

  • Certificate signing, containing parents’, guide-parents’ and celebrant’s names

  • Candle Lighting

There are no restrictions – the ceremony can be tailored to be whatever you want it to be – your imagination is the limit! Please get in touch to discuss your needs and explore the possibilities.

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